You need good habits as a foundation for a happy and fulfilled life. 

Yet it is frustrating to try different tools for building these habits and then always ending up at the same point being overwhelmed or loosing track. 

That's why we made it our mission to create simple tools that help build better habits - one habit at a time - by making them a part of your home and your life.

Because good habits create a good life. It’s that simple. And we believe that if everyone would live a fulfilled life, this world would be a better place.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Set your daily habit goal

Whatever it is you want to change - start with something small, something you can do every day.

This can be a new habit you want to build, or maybe an old one you want to get rid of.

2. Integrate it into your home

Place your Vanaboard where it is always visible.

Being reminded of how far you have come with your habit goal will motivate you to keep going.

And even better, you might inspire others when they come for a visit and see how you are crushing it!

3. Track your Progress

Reward yourself for every day you have completed your new habit.

This will not only keep you accountable if you have missed a day but it will also significantly increase your chances of success with your habit change.

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once your board is complete

You did it!

You have successfully changed one habit.

Feels good right?

Maybe as good that you want to go straight into the next habit.

Take a break, celebrate yourself and then keep going - and let us know about your success!

About us

After being into personal development for quite some time, there was always something missing for us. Simplicity.

With that in mind Joost and Felix, two students at Lund University went on to create a simple tool that helps people to stay motivated while working towards their goals and keeps them accountable at the same time.

Something that anyone could easily integrate into their home. Something that makes working towards personal goals and building bettter habits, simple and effortless.

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Become who you want to be. one habit at a time.